If You would know…

….what I know

And if You would know what I knew and what You still not know

Than it would seem that I, and only I, would know it all

And if I knew it all and even capable to foresee the future, which is now in the past, as we speak

Than I can tell you that truth is more than knowing facts of history, present and future

Truth has also embedded, all the occurred occasions and interpretations along the way, from different perspectives and point of views

Truth, at the end, is nothing more than a personal abstract of its memory and interpretation by and in itself.

If interpretation is so decisive in hearing, seeing,  thinking, smelling, feeling and believing

Than interpretations are the highest chance in getting the truth as it is and as it should be, for comfort and understanding amongst humans, friends and family.

How would You feel if You were undergoing the painful inquisition of being confronted with everything besides the truth? Of course, your truth compared to theirs

How glad would You be to get the chance to be heard and to be spoken to? Just for once!

Where facts, emotions, interpretation in the best possible chronology can be aligned. Two stories can glue to One. Creating a newer truth and maybe a better truth. One renew and improved truth, maybe!

Because if You don’t, if you truly don’t get that chance, than everything you worked for so hard, is gone as the wind passes by

Your worship of the biggest and best fulfilling in your life,  can be swept away, in an instant

All you had and all you hoped for can get blown apart, right in your face and in your presence

Gather people around You who understand the principles of truth and understanding of interpretation

Don’t kill or be killed by people who You thought they were close to You

Life is a bitch they say, why would you add Your life to that hard interpretation of life?